How Customers Evaluate the Quality of Your Service Work

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教练: 杰瑞Peerbolte J. Peerbolte & 的同事


In EASA’s most recent industry research project with end-user customers, the quality of service work performed was the most important criteria when determining if an outside service provider should be used.  Perhaps that is no surprise.  But, how do customers define quality of service work performed?  What are some tangible ways that EASAn’s can demonstrate their quality of service work performed?

Based upon years of research in the field of “services marketing”, this session will explain the language of quality of services.   A key component is the notion of “service gaps” which occur between a customer’s upfront expectations for service work compared to how they later evaluate the actual services performed.   行业标准, 例如ANSI/EASA AR-100, and EASA’s 认证 Program are both examples of specific tools that can used to close these “service gaps”, and create a clearer definition of quality of services.  


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